This is my song about Austin. Like to hear it? Here it go:

Jas & I leave houston & we gotta get Taryn
we driiiiive
hotel check-in
driiiive some mo’ to rehearsal.. trying to find Ayah’s peoples who rented a house on the other side of the 35N gridlock
we find it & the band rehearses her music
and I sit ouside with E. Dub shooting the shit.. and talk nicely about guys (get it.. Nice Guys)
we bolt to downtown Austin
pretty tight set with Ayah at Klub Krucial
free beer made it tighter
some man randomly spits words of wisdom to me
he says this shit really loud so I walk off before I make him eat his FUCKING Canon
we bounce like a bad check into Beauty Bar
Jeremy Jay is a human unicorn with all that pink and tight leggings and purple reeboks and blue eyeshadow
he stole my heart
we know we need to find that other shit to do
we leave and look for some Bun B and some mo’ rappas
not even realizing it’s 3am
“assholes! they won’t let us in the club!” drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk ninjas talking
they wont let us in past 2 so we’re out there with those ninjas
and they’re all annyoing
we find the car

and I got high and ate pizza all night

wandered around 6th street with Taryn (who likes maps)
Jas working the Fader Fort as the only M&M in a sea of yogurt peanuts
Taryn and I deciding if the long line is worth it
It ain’t worth it
we get zooted in somebody’s driveway and find that other shit to do
i think Peckerheads? Hell yeah, Peckerheads, with Pac Div and J Cole
and hotel and food mind you
we leave again and fall into Ninjasonik at the Red Fez
Nobody got pregnant, we not tryna dooo dat (dooo dat, d-dooo dat)
I dont remember too much more

and I got high and ate hot dogs all night

wake and bake
go straight to Carniville, do NOT pass go, do NOT collect $200
funnel cakes, white cotton candy
find a supremely scenic lake with a handy dandy boat dock and a pier and a flat rock to sit on
CONVENIENT–like at the motherfuckin movies
and we blow happy leaves
go back to Carniville
ride every ride
(get on the Gravatar when you’re zooted, you will think you are a part of the sky)
we leave and find that other shit to do
the Cool Kids and Chip tha Ripper (who asks for my BBM but i HATE blackberry)
I tell Chip I write my raps to his raps, he looks surprised as shit
good fucking show
ahhhh hotel
come back & we find the Cubic Zirconia party
‘scuse me
the Fool’s Gold house party with Cubic Zirconia
drank them likkuhs, danced with them boys
let’s find the damn car now

and i got high and ate hamburgers the whole night

fuck it we’re going
lemme bake first
but it’s cold as shit so uh, where dat Harvard hoodie at? yeauh, the pink one
c-c-c-c-c-coooollllld, Jas is pissed to high heavens
she doesn’t want to visit me in Boston just because of this
but Rob Roy is worth it
yes he is cuz he asked me personally to come at 4 today
there he is, oh look he thanked us all for coming
there’s Dude Royal acting foolish
Rob Roy cleans up right behind him and throws a HELL of a show
kicking and yelling and such
and we scratch and find that other shit to do
hell no we wont go to Carniville again.. OR Fader Fort.. too gahddamn COLD
fuck this, it’s mall time.. oh but all the shops are strip-mallish
let’s find the hotel-no-the OTHER hotel–the one with the 100 proof likkuh (yes, 100 proof)
aw shiiiiet, the “Never Have I Ever” game has claimed casualties
in the back of the car, passed out.. we got a soldier down
the soldier throws up in my $6 bag of candy
that soldier still owes me a $6 bag of candy

and I got high and ate nachos all night


we went back to houston
that’s it

and I got high and watched Pulp Fiction all night


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