THE FACES. (the epic ones, at least.)

These are the faces you’re about to see. And this means what you’re about to witness is epic.
**Click their pictures to get led to their links.**

YAZZA :: my partner in crime/AKA literally half the reason there’s even an ArtBREAK. She lays low. (but eef djyoo are smarrt djyoo weel contack her.)

Fat Tony :: Mr Rap Baby Supreme. And bring him some dollas for his merchandise. (Pleeeease?)

iPod AMMO :: *sigh* if your ass ain’t shakin, YOU failed.. he’s been a dope since before cool was cool.

ADD :: who’s gonna tell you the greatest story ever fucking told.. for free.

Uno Y Dos :: who daydream and scheme things.. don’t get on their bad side; come see them wreck shop.

Sydnee Simone :: Miss Artist Extraordinaire..she’s exhibiting some hot paintings and juuuuuust might raffle something off her damn self.

Cory Dixon :: whose pictures tell the truth, so don’t bring that fake Louis bag with the strings poppin. We gon’ KNOW.

Danny Ocean :: yea, that’s his real name. He’s the talented semi-god behind the Nice Guys’ cinematography.. and he’s gonna catch all this fuckery on tape so PLEASE be epic.

and me, of course.. & I’ma be there without my permission slip cuz my mama can’t know ’bout my paintings & songs & tiny clothes & likkuh-drankin.


One Response to “THE FACES. (the epic ones, at least.)”

  1. tarajee rayya March 10, 2010 at 11:53 PM #

    hey where is uno y dos’s picture
    fix it,
    with a quickness!!!
    and my pic couldve gone somewhere for like
    long distance emotional support
    but i love it
    i wish you all the best of success with the show on friday

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