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video/photo: Lauryn Hill @ Wilbur Theater

21 Dec

Yo, she really exists.

She is so beautiful, but y’all knew that.

I’m still recovering from shock myself. I used to paint to her entire album.

Ten years. Still awe-inspiring.


video : “Hollywood” , Alesha Star

4 Nov

I don’t know what I love more about this video: the simple intimacy of the personally shot video that has nothing to do with Hollywood (or does it?).. or the fact that there are no 808s on this song yet it’s a personal fav.. or the fact that none of you really know how pretty this song is, and is therefore exclusively divine.

video :: “whip my hair” on STRANGS

17 Oct


Berklee x Wyclef session

20 Jun

“So when you gon’ finally go on tour with me?”
Whenever you organize it, I said.
“Na, better yet.. I want you to teach violin at my school in Haiti. I’m building it for children.”

Wyclef stood in front of me, looking like he knows a joke I don’t; he always looks at everyone like that. Here we were, two old friends– face to face again after the VH1 SoulStage performance we did together.. and he was hiring me to teach his beloved people.

Fuck yea I’ll teach them!

Wait.. why was I in front of this guy, anyway? Like on a random Saturday? Oh, probably because he was in Boston to record the live orchestral parts to three of the songs appearing on his next album, The Haitian Experience. Aaaand probably because since he goes to Berklee, it’s only fair that he ask the string students there first.

We were all hired to originally play two sessions, four hours on both Saturday and Sunday. After the producer saw the light in just having us all day–and we actually showed up and recorded 3hr38min and STILL just finished one song out of 3, it made sense anyway. We’re featured on “Tonight”, “Historia”, and “Strangers in the Night” as a full string section, and we actually play completely throughout each of the songs. My friend Will was contracted to arrange all the music and he executed conducting it with such passion.

(I’ma be on tv like “THAT’S MY FRIEND Y’ALL!!”)

Then we lost ourselves within mountains of Haitian food, recorded the last two songs, and fuckin KICKED it. I could go into detail.. but you just had to be there. These few pictures, taken before my camera died, can’t begin to cover how fun this shit was.

PS: Jason Turbyfill is the most random name I’ve ever heard. Just for fun, somebody go facebook him.

brass monkey

4 Jun

“Ummm, bag check.”
+ Those are paintings in there.. I have like 16 mini 4x4s as a birthday present.
Well damn. Ignore me then, fine. Asshole.

More whispering.. “Yea. Bag check. Something’s in here.” And of all things, my tiny clutch was taken behind the table. I watched in awe as I had never really surveyed those x-ray screens. It’s the coolest shit ever: clothing shows up as peach-orange outlines, metals show up opaque green, and other hard stuff shows up cyan blue.

Did I get stopped for the weed in my jeans pocket? No.
The lighter in my patent chain clutch? No.
The glass pipes in my LeSportSac duffle? Pppffftthh.

I get stopped for my 3-finger ring.

“Miss, these are brass knuckles.”
+ Those are completely not brass knuckles, lady. They totally have rhinestones on them.
“These are brass knuckles. And if you want them you have to check this bag.” This bitch.

Beyonce’s pianist, Brittani, gave me that duffle in exchange for a painting. Fuuuuuuck no. Plus, what the hell do I look like paying to keep my own shit that I’m so-called not supposed to have.. that makes no sense lady. That’s legal robbery. Niggas, please stay in school and learn your way around shit like this.

*For further clarification on what a niggard is, Webster’s Oxford English Dictionary says it’s a stupid person.

+ Lady, you just said those were weapons, why would I pay $25 to keep my weapons on me? Just confiscate them and you can pay me $50.
(They were $18 each from Urban Outfitters, but dammit I had to pay tax.)

+ If you just want them you can keep them, I just need my $50 and everything’s okay, I dared her.

I think that pissed her off. They ran my bag once again through security and I think every single person in the lines was waiting for me to act real colored.. but I learned to let shit go a looooong time ago.

Right after I coolly asked the guy at the x-ray computer who was planning on writing me a check for reimbursement, that rude lady walked right up behind me and threw my rings at me, yelling “MY MANAGER OVERTURNED MY DECISION” and stomped off.. like I ruined HER day.

I said it out loud: “That’s what I fucking THOUGHT!” and I left it there, because you can get arrested just for looking like a crazy motherfucker these days.

You know what I got stopped for last time? Forget that I had weed residue all in my macbook hard case.. They were more fixated with the fact that I had put some flip flops in the same big ass bin as a computer. Like I’m just stupid enough to put my plans of mass destruction in my fucking shoes. I think to myself all the time: shit, if people want to get at you, they will. So you gotta make sure you live your life right and accept the things your ass can’t change.

**probably a random shot from a NiceGuys party last year

“shit-i-think-is-cool” moment

26 May


the bastard violin

27 Mar

My violin is no longer a “bastard”. I hath nameth him.
Ye shall recognizeth him as Sir Lancelot the Violin.
Let him playeth to you over a Lemonade. eth. Lemonadeth. (Ok this is overboard.) I also played over “Fat Raps” by Chip tha Rip, Curren$y, & Big Sean.. visit here.
download it.. the little “down” arrow is on the right side of the player.. and it’s gratis

Lemonade feat Charly East & Sir Lancelot the Violin by Charly East

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