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throwback from the first artbreak.. jesus.

26 Oct























money talk$ :: 3/4 pieces , 4×4

25 Oct

with a little help from Modi of DCtoBC ‘s camera.. yum.

new pagina.

29 Aug

visit my new page.



A is for ARTBREAK.. and good grades.

7 Jun

It’s that time of year again.
Been sitting around pretending to be all quiet and shit–
I haven’t been quiet and shit.

I’m collaborating with the Tipping Point (1212 Main) who, along with my best friend Yazza and my lovely Sydnee Simone, are preparing for another ArtBreak, Ladies First edition. It’s the last one before we expand, since it’s been received so well the first two times. More visual art, awesome live performances (I won’t leak who), more free alcohol, and a few surprises you’ll have to find out about IF you can get inside the doors this time.

Yes, it spilled into the street last time. But what was more awesome was that nobody cared; the windows were so huge that anyone could thoroughly enjoy the show.

Flyers? Almost check.
Likkuh? Check.
Afterparty (shhhh!)? CHECK.

No more oil spills this time Houston. OK? Thanks.

In other news: I got an A- in my hardest class.

ackin’ BRAND NEW!

3 Apr

Currently listening to: “Brand New”–Rhymefest f/ Kanye West

Yep, I’m ackin’ BRAND NEW. And with reason. New shoes, new art, new nose ring. I’ve definitely got a few orders for paintings, so I’m starting a little thingy where I will post them up here and give contact info for my art lovers to purchase them! I wanna thank Sydnee Simone and Sean Padilla for the inspiration.. and please buy their shit too.

Also. Thissss FAAAAAAACE. This face has a hole in it.

oh, look who decided to remember they had a BLOG.

23 Mar

Yeahhhhh I haven’t blogged in a while.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

click the pictures to view scenes from a week of my life 🙂

the ArtBREAK


last call.. [CP TIME]

6 Mar

(Click here to see the faces that made the show possible.)

This Friday.. Ion know where you’re gonna be but I’m kicking my feet up and showing ass at my ArtBREAK show @ the Tipping Point. It’s been planned for a little while now and uh, it’s time you see what I’ve been up to.


My paints have all dried and they’re about to be Fed Exed to Houston.. maybe with a little weed taped to the back, maybe not.


But they’re there. Not here in Boston. The venue has been taken care of, the host and DJ and sound guy are waiting.. and all everyone needs to do is show up.

Don’t ask what’s in my cup.

Ant-y-ways. So this is last call. The new music has been recorded. The proposal for sponsorship has been approved and Bacardi is sending me cases of liquor for you to enjoy. So like I said before, stay out my cup. (I was asked to take my dress code off my flyer, but you better not come in looking ratchet.)

there’s free aclohol

and a free raffle


We’re gonna be HERE. make sure you are too.

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