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25 Oct

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2 Jun

hey gul
wurr yo boyfrienn’ at
tell him I say hey

i say hey today
i say hey
i say hey today
i say hey

you look mad
gul whatchu mad fo’
yo mann fine
yo mann luhh you
i wuh juh sayin hey

you be sayin all’lat stuff
bout how he cook
and shit
and shop witchu
and shit
and take curr’yo kids
and shit

talkin bout how his hair soft
and his body tight
and he say goodnight
and shit

talkin bout how he work too much
and yo rang too small
and you’on like yo car
and shit

juh tell him i say hey today

good day

26 May

before you complain
you can see this right
like your eyes work right

you can read this out loud right
do it

before you complain
did you plug up a breathing machine this morning?
did you take pills this mo’nin to make you function normal?
do you have all your teeth to brush?


can i ask somethin
you can breathe right?
like it ain’t no metal or no holes in your heart right?
can you walk?
one foot? no okay i see two
you use two feet to walk?

i was wondering real quick
like real fast
like you got five fingers on each hand right?
naw five
real quick

you live in america right?
like you don’t think “landmines!” your walking to your mailbox right
like you can.. say whatever.. right?
and girls don’t have to circumcise a clitoris?

what the fuck you mad at

homeless people richer than 3rd world
get a job and use all the limbs that work
god gave you that much

don’t nobody in Sri Lanka wear a motherfuckin lace front
they get laced in front
of babies

OBEY is a law, not a tee shirt
teef hurt

who dat be fuckin for dat dere $20
pretty brasil lady
pretty lady
don’t sell your ass

i can read all by myself!
without my husband’s permission
or a shawl to cover err’thang but my eyes
they can’t

i have the freedom to choose ignorance and live in peace
just because of what’s on my flag
it’s not as fun as choosing knowledge and fighting to the death for truth

what the fuck you mad at
you got it good.

this happy

24 May

this man makes me this happy
it don’t fit on this here screen
it don’t fit in that there scream
but it fits in this here need

this man makes me this happy
i stutter

this man makes me this happy
when i’m awake with him i dream
when i dream i’m away from him
i gots to wake up again

this man makes me this happy
i’ma always be blonde

this man makes me this happy
i cook with love
i sweep with love
i paint with love
i hate with love

this man makes me this happy
“you betta get on awayyyy from him”
i’ll cut you, bitch

it’s a haiku, foo’

19 May

starving for relationships
man please, save that shit

dead wrong

17 May

you gonna shoot the daughter of the mama who was sick
just because she’s pretty
just because she’s thick
you gon shoot the daddy of the boy who wants to read
you gon take that life
like you got what he needs

put the gun away
right next to the hate
pick the love back up
learn how to use it

you gon drive past the man who’s holding out his hand
you’re not a bigger man
you’re not stronger than
the lady with the kids who opens books and opens bills
she learnin’ ’bout some pills
to pay for all those bills

and she don’t need a purse with a motherfuckin’ waiting list
but she needs a nurse and she’s sitting on the waiting list

wait for this
if you look like that you win
if it ain’t natural.. sew it right in

inject it on the left
inject in on the right
nobody gives a fuck about your saturday night

and the only person who won was

all this going on
you didn’t read it wrong

you know just what the fuck i’m talking about

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