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9 Nov


Here’s the artist.

So lots of his famous images are NOW AVAILABLE at the iTunes store. (Stop snatchin photos. Getchyers HERE.)

What does this guy have to do with me? A lot. He came to Boston last fall and we had an incredible couple of photoshoots.. that he ended up posting on his Hypebeast BLOG. He’s famous for shit like this

and this (LOL i needa dye my hair back this color BTW)


BUY IT [please]

8 Nov

Say hi to Ashanti, The Mad Violinist.
(A pretty legendary un-dead guy.)

(you can click the picture.)

My dear friend arranged and soloed violin on Lupe’s single from LASERS (dropping March 8, 2011..or so they say). I can’t accurately describe how awesome he really is, because it’s hard finding words for shit like that. BUT.


Ladies and gentlemen, that there thing below is in FACT the very audio clip of his single “The Show Must Go On”. Ashanti stressed a VERYYYYY important message to me to tell y’all:

Please, buy the music.
It’s $1.29. Run & tell THAT.
I wanna buy it! [here]

“So if I come to your job, take your corn on the cob / And take a couple kernels off it that would be alright with youuuu..” (classic.)

Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On by pigeonsandplanes

video : “Hollywood” , Alesha Star

4 Nov

I don’t know what I love more about this video: the simple intimacy of the personally shot video that has nothing to do with Hollywood (or does it?).. or the fact that there are no 808s on this song yet it’s a personal fav.. or the fact that none of you really know how pretty this song is, and is therefore exclusively divine.

sugar babes at the sugar bar :: PT 2

4 Nov

Alesha Star pretty much killed it. Kill is synonymous wiff kill.

Margaux and Charly. Charly and Margaux.

5 Oct

Meet Margaux: College grad, jewelry designer, headband lover, violist. I was playing outside somewhere with my eyes shut.. I opened them up and she found me. It’s been love ever since.

Charly East x Jean Grae x Pharoahe Monch

24 Jun

“AYE. What instrument you play?”
I’m on 7th & 27th in downtown NY when this random ass guy walks up to me and says he’s a “producer who wants to make some craaaaazy music!” Don’t we all? So over it. I hop in a white car and chat with a man named Guy I have never seen before about the direction artists should take when beginning their careers.. and he is intelligent and unbiased, so the shit sounds great.

I went to Brooklyn. Better yet, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hadn’t eaten or slept in a day already, and here I was inside a very neat recording studio wearing a blue romper & jumping around with my violin speaking in those accents I do love..

I was asked personally by Jean Grae to feature violin on her upcoming album. I didn’t know what to expect, but this lifelike doll in a white and red patterned sundress–complete with some gangster ass asian tattoos everywhere–came up and shook my hand and it was history. We arranged strings together for hours.. and yes, her musical sense is incredible. It’s another kinda thing when the artists you work with have such a solid vision for what they want you to do with them.. not the usual “so we juss’ gon’ meet up in the studio and then just take it from there!” shit.

On top of that, Pharoahe Monch was in the studio as well.. and guess who arranged strings for him on a track featuring Phonte & Styles P? Yours truly, the Easterbunny.

And, get this.. who randomly fuckin goes to a Talib Qweli show (completely faded) and gets to watch Jean Grae perform her ass off in front of hundreds of the most beautiful young & colorful faces I have ever seen in NY?

h-town baybeeehhhhh

not drunk yet. i swear.

that's a big ass violin.

he is really really good, way better than me actually.

so on the right, here we have a bow with mongolian horse hair..

OLD NEWS [but good news]

31 Mar

OKAY this is about 2 weeks old, but I’ve been busy with getting back into rotation with class & painting & violin and such. I was blessed with the opportunity to play violin for Ayah while at SxSW in Austin, TX @ Klub Krucial. It was such an amazing set, [even though they really had us play at 12:20AM] and she is one of the strongest live vocalists I have ever seen. She is also quite talented as a songwriter and told me how her experiences shape all of her songs & push them into different directions. It’s a huge plus that her colorful personality is lies under her rich vocals, and shines through her live delivery. You must check this girl out; click her portrait to read an in-depth interview and click her album sampler for a musical treat; she is finishing up her album work with DJ Jazzy Jeff as we speak, and I bet I’m first in line for her album!

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