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M&C @ BC

12 Nov

Marge and I attended this interesting step show at Tufts University, where we were entertained by really creative and energetic teams like F.I.S.T.S. (aMAZing women) and Sexual Chocolate (yes, these guys have a shirtless act that is classic. OHHH.) Anyway, members from those groups, along with a whole slew of other talent, will all be at Dancing for the Stars tonight at BC in the Rat (Lyons dining Hall) at

9:00 pm

Man, the day will come when our intern types this : )


sugar babes at the sugar bar :: PT 2

4 Nov

Alesha Star pretty much killed it. Kill is synonymous wiff kill.

OLD NEWS [but good news]

31 Mar

OKAY this is about 2 weeks old, but I’ve been busy with getting back into rotation with class & painting & violin and such. I was blessed with the opportunity to play violin for Ayah while at SxSW in Austin, TX @ Klub Krucial. It was such an amazing set, [even though they really had us play at 12:20AM] and she is one of the strongest live vocalists I have ever seen. She is also quite talented as a songwriter and told me how her experiences shape all of her songs & push them into different directions. It’s a huge plus that her colorful personality is lies under her rich vocals, and shines through her live delivery. You must check this girl out; click her portrait to read an in-depth interview and click her album sampler for a musical treat; she is finishing up her album work with DJ Jazzy Jeff as we speak, and I bet I’m first in line for her album!

oh, look who decided to remember they had a BLOG.

23 Mar

Yeahhhhh I haven’t blogged in a while.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

click the pictures to view scenes from a week of my life 🙂

the ArtBREAK


Word bank for Tuesday night: alcohol, ribs, art, pictures..

3 Feb

Tuesday Foosday. Whurr the Red Stripe at?

found it.

I went to the private screening of How To Make It In America @ the Mills Gallery Tuesday night with my chicas Katrina & Sahra. Besides the drunk guy who kept trying to force these dry ass barbecue ribs into my life, I had a great time. Red Stripe and Svetka made a lot of shit tolerable, that’s for sure. The screening took place at a dope gallery that hosted some of the most interesting art, too bad I could hardly see the names in the dim lights. The screening itself couldn’t hold my attention for too long.. too many lovely people I was hugging to worry about HBO’s stuff.

Of course, since I was sipping on natural diuretics all night, I had to visit the ladies’ room.. and look what I stumbled upon! It’s part of an exhibit by Rebecca Rose Greene called “A Different Kind of Monster”. If you pay close attention to it,this shouldn’t be difficult.

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