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While we’re on the subject:

6 Dec

So I mentioned on Facebook today that I was very proud of my Charles In Charge EP. I have been quietly working on a lot of shit, so that means I’ve been pissing a lot of people off who have attempted somewhat consistent contact with me. (Luhhh y’all.)

This EP is my baby; it’s my breakthrough, my style. Though heavily influenced by 90s jams/classical orchestral arrangements/west coasty/folk violin/dirty south 808s, it’s preeeeety fun. You’ll be able to hold her soon.

Pen Griffey, the same designer who helped me immensely with my No Bra Outlaw tees, is going to grace me with the EP art. I’d let you have a sneak peek but it’s actually that dope that we can’t show you til it’s alllllmost ready! He’s also artistically helping Margaux and I with our collab EP Laced. That shit’s dope too.

I got a few more paintings to finish and some other crap to get done, and then we can paaaaaarty!

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