Meet my new student.

6 Jan

“Are you sure you wanna play violin?” I asked Beautiful.
“We’re goin’ to the by-lin store today,” she answered.

Meet my new student. She’s four, she’s smart, she’s.. she’s Beautiful. I met her a while ago. I let her play around with my own violin, and twenty minutes later she was still bowing the D and A string, holding her posture as erect as I had initially shown her. My violin is damn near as long as her arm, but she didn’t care. I couldn’t snatch my bow from her, either. She pretty much commanded us to watch her, and the Lord spaketh into mine ear: CHARLES. Teach that precious thang.. (If he didn’t, I’m not takin’ my ass to that ghost-infested house anymore, sorry Beautiful.)

“You gonna bring the by-lin again?” she’s always eagerly asking me. Hell yea! And books and pencils and all that ish.

I’ve got clearance to document Beautiful’s introduction to the world of strings, waaaait for it.. waaaaaaait for it..

(To be continued)


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