pretty pennies

13 Dec

I always get many questions and comments on either what I have on or how I put it together. I neeeeever do fashion blogs, though I am very conscious of how I represent myself every morning. One of the reasons I don’t do fashion blgs is becuase although I admire it, I don’t have that thirst and desire to constantly dig fr shit and become popular for wearing it once or twice. I mean it’s very exciting when you find rare pieces for dirt cheap or if you have some interesting ass story behind a particular heirloom, but I can’t dedicate most of my time to it for obvious reasons. (I would if I could! Trust!)

Another reason I never talk about my own style is because it’s one thing to be extra fashionable &  another thing to actually wear what works for you. You know how when people shop, shit looks better on the rack than on your rack? Yea so I constantly have to find the happy medium between shit that’s cool and shit that works.

Lately, I’ve been a thrift sto’ ho’. Yes, people.. I have decided I shall refrain from buying new clothes ever again, it’s just more fun to pay $5 for Ralph Lauren than $139. Y’know? So I caved into my sweater fetish & racked up on all this shit, and thanks to a homie who looked out I really just paid a dollar.. literally a DOLLAR.. for all these sweaters. (I still woulda walked out only having to pay $50 for these jawns, in real life they total substantially more.. duh!) Also, I have a thing for old purses.. the brown one below is a super vintage CEM from the 70s (Brazilian, square basket weave, cute shit). The black one? IDK. Hopefully one of y’all can tell me. I also cut a chain off another purse and had Margaux make it into a Chanel-inspired necklace. The tiny gold wire thing was a $6 bracelet with the name “Phyllis”. (I hate wearing it, it’s fucked up way too much shit by getting caught on threads.)

These are all Ralph Lauren, United Colors of Benetton, OOOOOOLD Tommy Hilfiger, Robert Scott, J Crew, Gap, Zara, and Brooks Brothers 346 (that one is normally $328!) allllll from the thrift store. For a few dollars. The hat & glasses aren’t so lucky, but since ppl ask abt that too.. I can’t give away all my secrets, but here’s a peek for those who asked. : ) I hope y’all are inspired to do the damn thing in a thrift sto’ near you.


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