The Making of “For Sophie”

23 Nov

I’ve been commissioned to create two paintings, with two polar opposite kinds of inspiration but full creative control. I’m excited about these two, particularly because I am trying techniques on every painting I work on from now until I pick a style I like. I definitely repeat themes in all my works, as a lot of you who have been to any one of my ArtBREAK shows I throw with Yazza already know. (Thanks for your continued support!)

This piece is called “For Sophie”. She’s a beautiful little girl who absolutely loves music, and reportedly hums along to my violin/viola covers with Margaux. I am a little inspired by texture lately, and of course I love colors so I want to experiment with a little of both. I already let the paint underneath dry; ironically it was an older painting, “Skittles In My Church Pocket”..Let’s be real. I hated it. But I love the circular brush strokes that bleed thru the layer I put over it, so I’ll let my head take me there when I revisit this later.

Hope y’all are as titillated as me.


One Response to “The Making of “For Sophie””

  1. Sean Padilla November 23, 2010 at 10:56 PM #

    I love the name “Skittles in My Church Pocket,” and think that it should be either a song lyric or a song title. I also like your floral brush strokes.

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