itchy fingers

6 Nov

I vaguely remember a blog post I did, kinda sorta revealing a new project I’m working on. I listed an EP set list and err’thang.. and I’m actually kinda happy to inform you all that some shit changed. I first tweeted about my project not having much of a shape but that I would pretty much do my damndest to get it together by January 1.. then this week kinda happened and uh, change of plans.

So after sitting with Mi Corazon (aka I Dont Know If He Wants Me To Name Him So We’ll Say My Friend Who Designs Trill Shit), I let him hear “Boys & Girls” (longer story about that LATER) and he immediately spoke my language and joined my team as chief of imaging epic shit. Then lah-dee-dah, a couple more days go by and I fuck around and meet Grizzly (aka A6 and Prodigal Son), a throwed ass dubstep DJ & rapper who decided that besides my rolling skills being comparable to that of a machine, my songwriting and live violin was definitely fuckwittable.

This is an unofficial addendum to the older blog or whatever I said to promote it: I got people on the shit and it’s going to be a great project. Stay tuned!

-xoxo, Charly


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