Screams of Consciousness :: Vol I

2 Nov

I am working on a new project series, dropping January 1, 2011 called Screams of Consciousness. I decided to stop being shy and get my violin arrangements together so that y’all can understand where my head is most of the time. This project means a shitload to me, man.. I really hope you enjoy it. I’d say this to your face, actually. I am putting a lot of love and vulnerability into a piece of art with my name on it and distributing it for free publicly.. I’d appreciate if you’d give it a chance. Stay posted on my blog and I’ll keep you updated on where I am in the creative process.. for now it’s deciding imaging. But I have a few surprises tied to that : )

All songs written, recorded, and arranged by me. I had a lot of inspiration, but the best one was a producer who blurted that artists “should learn how to do things themselves” and he couldn’t have been more right. Still love you, boo. Anyway..

This is the EP list:

Cloud Session #1 (Step Into My World) :: violin & vocal arr
Love, Charly :: violin & vocal arr
Boys & Girls :: violin and vocal arr
Reality TV
Money Under the Floor :: acapella


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