A is for ARTBREAK.. and good grades.

7 Jun

It’s that time of year again.
Been sitting around pretending to be all quiet and shit–
I haven’t been quiet and shit.

I’m collaborating with the Tipping Point (1212 Main) who, along with my best friend Yazza and my lovely Sydnee Simone, are preparing for another ArtBreak, Ladies First edition. It’s the last one before we expand, since it’s been received so well the first two times. More visual art, awesome live performances (I won’t leak who), more free alcohol, and a few surprises you’ll have to find out about IF you can get inside the doors this time.

Yes, it spilled into the street last time. But what was more awesome was that nobody cared; the windows were so huge that anyone could thoroughly enjoy the show.

Flyers? Almost check.
Likkuh? Check.
Afterparty (shhhh!)? CHECK.

No more oil spills this time Houston. OK? Thanks.

In other news: I got an A- in my hardest class.


One Response to “A is for ARTBREAK.. and good grades.”

  1. Rasheena June 9, 2010 at 8:14 AM #

    So we got the naked pic going now? LOL I see, I see… Charly if that was a gesture to try and seduce me, its not working! LOL

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