good day

26 May

before you complain
you can see this right
like your eyes work right

you can read this out loud right
do it

before you complain
did you plug up a breathing machine this morning?
did you take pills this mo’nin to make you function normal?
do you have all your teeth to brush?


can i ask somethin
you can breathe right?
like it ain’t no metal or no holes in your heart right?
can you walk?
one foot? no okay i see two
you use two feet to walk?

i was wondering real quick
like real fast
like you got five fingers on each hand right?
naw five
real quick

you live in america right?
like you don’t think “landmines!” your walking to your mailbox right
like you can.. say whatever.. right?
and girls don’t have to circumcise a clitoris?

what the fuck you mad at

homeless people richer than 3rd world
get a job and use all the limbs that work
god gave you that much

don’t nobody in Sri Lanka wear a motherfuckin lace front
they get laced in front
of babies

OBEY is a law, not a tee shirt
teef hurt

who dat be fuckin for dat dere $20
pretty brasil lady
pretty lady
don’t sell your ass

i can read all by myself!
without my husband’s permission
or a shawl to cover err’thang but my eyes
they can’t

i have the freedom to choose ignorance and live in peace
just because of what’s on my flag
it’s not as fun as choosing knowledge and fighting to the death for truth

what the fuck you mad at
you got it good.


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