dead wrong

17 May

you gonna shoot the daughter of the mama who was sick
just because she’s pretty
just because she’s thick
you gon shoot the daddy of the boy who wants to read
you gon take that life
like you got what he needs

put the gun away
right next to the hate
pick the love back up
learn how to use it

you gon drive past the man who’s holding out his hand
you’re not a bigger man
you’re not stronger than
the lady with the kids who opens books and opens bills
she learnin’ ’bout some pills
to pay for all those bills

and she don’t need a purse with a motherfuckin’ waiting list
but she needs a nurse and she’s sitting on the waiting list

wait for this
if you look like that you win
if it ain’t natural.. sew it right in

inject it on the left
inject in on the right
nobody gives a fuck about your saturday night

and the only person who won was

all this going on
you didn’t read it wrong

you know just what the fuck i’m talking about


One Response to “dead wrong”

  1. Sean Padilla May 17, 2010 at 9:20 PM #

    I hope you turn these words into a song.

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