lick it & stick it

27 Apr

lick & stick the STAMPS.. what the fuck did you think I was talking about?

Apparently, nobody told the mailroom guy at my school that even though he never had an education at a fine institution like mine, he was completely entitled to it.

He looked at me and said “Man, all I want to do is play the bass guitar. I can play it, I just can’t read.” But under his face I could see his blood rushing around in his head, trying to really picture himself a student at my school. It baffled me, this very man who sits in front of every student while they sign for their retarded pound cake care packages..

He’s usually always quiet but I always make him laugh out loud. This time he was stunned while I spoke to him. If his mouth had been open any longer, his tongue would have shriveled up and broken out of it.

His eyes were like plates when I told him about the world of FAFSA, grants, FastWeb, and how to maneuver around the financial aid office.. and what really touched me was that he was SO thirsty to learn at the very institution he separated mail for. He had no idea he could appeal for more money.

He made no excuse as he explained that he had two kids. I told him that was fine, and you can shadow me when I got to class this summer. They aren’t bass guitar classes, but hey–

and the professor wont get upset? Nah, I dont want to show up to their classes.

But I would clear it for you, I told him. I’ll just email them and boom come to class with me!

Really? he asked. It wasn’t the incredulous really.. it was the earnest, bright, wide eyed “really?” that made me realize.. DAMMIT.. I take life for granted.

I told him everything I knew.


One Response to “lick it & stick it”

  1. Kendria July 24, 2010 at 3:52 PM #

    You’re so wonderful. Much love sister.

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