pet peeve named steve.

26 Apr

all the fuck they needed to do was NOT make their kid look like an idiot.

SOOOO you’re out somewhere. Nice day, minimal crime, cop let you go with a warning. Global warming not really mattering right now, bills take a backseat, & you’re just out perusing the ‘hood. (Or the mall, for you uncreative people.) Anyway, you inhale some more of your slushie and out of the corner of your eye is a well-dressed lady and the most ridiculously swathed adult in the fucking world next to her. This chap has on window-shields for glasses, the most faded Talbot’s kids highwaters, some terrible socks, and some dumbass pigtails or an annoyingly hi-cut bang that doesn’t stop anywhere near those bushy eyebrows. Then they open their mouths and it’s a fact: this chap is mentally retarded.

What’s the problem? Well, my pet peeve is to see grown mentally challenged people dressed like complete fucking idiots. It’s almost like the sane people around them get some perverse kick out of making these kids look like Harry Potter/Hermione rejects. I hate it worse than people who text me “send a pic”–
–(by the way, the unidentifiable number from HOUSTON who sent me that & I told you to lose my number, make sure you hold your nose real real tight and swallow marshmallows soaked in liquid nitrogen)–

Back to the subject, I feel like that shit is child abuse/patient abuse in the form of neglect. I’m not saying “Hey, make sure you dress them at Barney’s Co-op!” but godDAMN it’s hard enough not being normal.. so why do caretakers go above and beyond to make people look like complete idiots? Why perpetuate the stereotype? What the fuck is wrong with them? What, is it some sort of hassle to go to the dressing room? They afraid to be embarrassed somewhere? Do they think their desire to be fly is a right only reserved for their asses, literally?

If you’re offended because you’re a sucky ass caretaker in charge of dressing someone mentally ill or unstable and you are one of those “Hey this dumbass faded shit would make so-and-so look so cute today!” then please leave your beef here & I’ll be all over it like A1 sauce. And don’t be so quick to assume I don’t know anything about dealing with people from different medical backgrounds.. ex-volunteer for a medical center, holla. I just..
*shaking head*
I just.. have this pet peeve, man.


One Response to “pet peeve named steve.”

  1. Yolanda April 27, 2010 at 8:51 AM #

    You’re out of f*cking control & I love it! Keep up the good work.

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