High, everyone

18 Apr

I keep a diary.
Yeah, I do. Anyway, I found this old entry. I was having one of those “days” and it cracked me up so much:

“April 6
Whatever the fuck i smoked has me so high i feel like my feet are missing. Earlier i felt so high i was being grabbed by a million invisible hands forcing me down into the earth, as if i weighed 12435324000000 lbs. right now i feel so dazed it feels like 1980.
i always feel like i died young, i was a woman from the 80s probably born sometime in the 50s or late 40s. and then instantly reincarnated into another baby. and whenever i’m high these feelings inensify so much more.

my hands are cold as shit. i’m also ready to be home. i think this entry is particularly odd because i am only stating close ended phrases, and there is not one open ended sentence in it.
i said that wrong. i think this is particularly weird because each of the sentences in this entry is a closed phrase of thoughts, instead of leang room fo a follow-up, explanatory sentence.

i am hella stoned. and ready to go home this girl over there has blue heels on and they look rigid but expensive. like louboutin or miu miu. she is wearing flesh tone tights. her heels arent too high but they are higher than what i would normally wear.
ughhhh this high is making sections of me really cold and heavy. and paranoid. i’m so annoyed!!!!!!!!


i think ths lady up here knows how high i am. my computer keys are ridiculously soft and they are definitely massaging my fingertips.”

PS: my roomie’s Siamese told me to tell you she’s fuckin kickin it.


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