OLD NEWS [but good news]

31 Mar

OKAY this is about 2 weeks old, but I’ve been busy with getting back into rotation with class & painting & violin and such. I was blessed with the opportunity to play violin for Ayah while at SxSW in Austin, TX @ Klub Krucial. It was such an amazing set, [even though they really had us play at 12:20AM] and she is one of the strongest live vocalists I have ever seen. She is also quite talented as a songwriter and told me how her experiences shape all of her songs & push them into different directions. It’s a huge plus that her colorful personality is lies under her rich vocals, and shines through her live delivery. You must check this girl out; click her portrait to read an in-depth interview and click her album sampler for a musical treat; she is finishing up her album work with DJ Jazzy Jeff as we speak, and I bet I’m first in line for her album!


2 Responses to “OLD NEWS [but good news]”

  1. Sean Padilla March 31, 2010 at 8:25 PM #

    If you’re first in line, then I’m right behind you. Ayah goes harder than a tank, and “4:15 A.M.” is essential listening.

  2. Ayah March 31, 2010 at 8:25 PM #

    love u charly! one of the most beautiful and talented women I’ve ever met. My pleasure working with you! Keeping you close.. you already know.. we keep it gangsta!


    ps. you play like I sing..shiny black.

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