24 Feb

Sooooo it’s that time of year. (Not really. I have just ALWAYS wanted to say that.) I have been working very hard to get my stuff together for my art/music show.. getting canvases together, organizing set lists, proposals proposals proposals.. all with the help of my dear close friends Fat Tony and Yazza (yea man, they’re still on that BlogSpot crap. lol)..
Anyways, I’ve been up to more than just painting canvases. I’ve been growing musically. Creating music. Stripping it down. Putting it back together. And the whole thing as been tremendously fun. I’ve got a great performance planned for my segment of the show.. I’m also featuring some other dope ass undiscovered talent that I’ll definitely vouch for. Uno Y Dos, A.D.D. of FHE, and of course Fat Tony. Bring your fine gals and boy toys (if you want me and my crew to steal them from you.. otherwise I suggest you come alone looking as good as you possibly can). I’m holding a dope ass raffle and my boy C. Dixon from indmix is taking pitures of the whoooole THANG.


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