arts and tats

15 Feb

I’m about to get foolish. it’s art time BEEEEECH.

These are just 3 pieces that I’m working on that are a part of my 5-piece mini-series, Wall Street. Basically, street-inspired art that’ll go on yo mama’s wall. These are going into my art show/musical performance on March 12th in H TOWN bay-beeeeeeh. Especially since it’s hosted with Tony.. *ahem* FAT Tony. You know him.. dont act like you dont..

Aside from that..
So I got my 12th and 13th tattoo this past week.. the 12th one is a large owl on a branch on my back and this flower is the 13th one. Both have deep personal meanings, thought em out for a year now. And by the way: PEOPLE. Please invest in your ink. Don’t be cheap, your ink will be weak! (Haha. I crack myself up.)

And dont get your ball sacks tattooed like the guy in the booth next to me.

PS: If you absolutely MUST have that bracelet and bite my damn style, drop $68 at Anthropologie and you COULD walk away with your copy of mine!! Don’t sneak and get the pearl and pink version either–Charly owns that one too..



One Response to “arts and tats”

  1. RAAAAAAHHHHHH February 16, 2010 at 8:56 PM #

    I LIKE!!! where’d you get inked??

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