Word bank for Tuesday night: alcohol, ribs, art, pictures..

3 Feb

Tuesday Foosday. Whurr the Red Stripe at?

found it.

I went to the private screening of How To Make It In America @ the Mills Gallery Tuesday night with my chicas Katrina & Sahra. Besides the drunk guy who kept trying to force these dry ass barbecue ribs into my life, I had a great time. Red Stripe and Svetka made a lot of shit tolerable, that’s for sure. The screening took place at a dope gallery that hosted some of the most interesting art, too bad I could hardly see the names in the dim lights. The screening itself couldn’t hold my attention for too long.. too many lovely people I was hugging to worry about HBO’s stuff.

Of course, since I was sipping on natural diuretics all night, I had to visit the ladies’ room.. and look what I stumbled upon! It’s part of an exhibit by Rebecca Rose Greene called “A Different Kind of Monster”. If you pay close attention to it,this shouldn’t be difficult.


One Response to “Word bank for Tuesday night: alcohol, ribs, art, pictures..”

  1. RAAAAAAHHHHHH February 4, 2010 at 12:34 AM #

    YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA!! good times

    dope photo rendering!!

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