Goodbye Yone, Yohko, & Takayo

12 Dec

L-R: Yohko (Yone’s wife), Yone, Takayo (Yone’s manager).. click the photo so see his work in Boston!

SAMUIIIIIIII!!! HELL YEAH it was cold as shit this weekend and Takayo (Yone’s manager) did NOT hesitate to let me know this. MANY times. What made it worse was I asked her repeatedly how the hell to say it in Japanese.


This weekend was about new shit. NEW NEW shit. Shit I’ve never been on before but don’t want plan on leaving alone.. it was an experience, that’s for damn sure.
Shouts out to the Bodega crew (Jay, Dan, Oliver, Leo, Anjulie, Randy, Janet, Stro, Caitlin) for once again asking me to be a part of some dope shit.. thanks to them, they put a bug in Yasumasa Yonehara’s ear and as soon as he saw me it was a done deal: I was going to shoot with him this weekend.

In a land where people study for finals and violin proficiency tests that they CLEARLY have at 4:15pm on Tuesday, Dec 15—Charly went completely against the grain and posed her ass off for pictures pictures MORE pictures with Yone Yone MORE Yone.
And met a bright gal named Sahra. [Rah Rah.]
And went to Yone’s gallery.
And tried raw tuna sushi.
Free. Thanks Rah Rah.
But that’s only cuz Charly is a beast. With a million ways to get it. And can’t choose one.

I shall miss the likes of Yone, Yohko & Takayo. I sent them off with a bit of love and appreciation..wishing them all a safe trip back to Japan and then China.

I’m not too too sad.. There’s always Rah Rah to play with! check her out.. 1st Lady of Riot in the SKYYYYY

Sincerely yours.
Charlyyyyyyyy shawtyyyyyyyy


2 Responses to “Goodbye Yone, Yohko, & Takayo”

  1. sahra December 14, 2009 at 9:26 PM #

    what a bomb ass beginning 🙂

    and this is only the beginning 😉

    rah rah

  2. Daniel December 14, 2009 at 4:10 AM #

    Yo keep beastin you went from the west to the East now from the east to the FAR FAR EAST!!!!

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